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Christian Miller

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Birth  1708 
Sex  Male 
Person ID  I01854  Default Tree 
Last Modified  24 Jul 2005 
 1. Peter Miller
 2. Nicholas Miller
 3. Christian Miller
 4. Abraham Miller
 5. Isaac Miller
 6. ? Miller, b. 1729, Berks Co., PA
Group Sheet  F0931  Default Tree 
  • Sharon, we are definitely talking about the same family. I don't have Veronica's death date either but I have Christian (Daniel) as 1791. My line is Christian and Veronica Mishler - son Abraham and Anna Hochstetler - son Daniel and Maria Mast - son Abraham and Leah Gnaegi - son Abraham and Hannah Jane Deeter - son Theodore and Cora Mae Horner - daughter Florence and Carman Keim (my grandparets still living). Are you descended from Christian and Catherine Kurtz? E-mail me and let's talk.
    Joyce Keim

    Dear Joyce,
    Was the Christian Miller, son of your Daniel Miller married to Catherine Kurtz and was he born Feb. 17, 1760 Berks Co., PA? If so, this is the son of the Christian Miller and Veronica Mishler that I have listed. Christian Miller (Sr)died in 1777 Berks Co., PA and I have no confirmed death date for Veronica-just aft 1776 when Magdalena was born.

    I have Veronica married to Daniel Miller. The website listed here gives first husband Daniel and second Christian but marriage date to Christian is before Daniel died in 1791. I have information about Daniel Miller and Veronica Mischler and their descendants for many generations. Possible that Daniel and Christian are same person with one name being first and the other second. Daniel does have a son Christian so that would make sense

    Seeking the parentage of Veronica MISHLER that married Christain Miller . According to the Amish & Amish Mennonite Genealogies by Gingerich & Krieder, her Mother was a Dodorea
    ?. Veronica had siblings: Catherine, Jacob, Joseph, Christina and an unnamed sister.
    Would like to make contact with other's researching this MISHLER family. May e-mail direct to sut/@/swbell.net

    Patsy Hardesty-Sutton

    I am working on that same line right now. Check out this page. She has her name as Anna Dodereas from the same book. I am trying to put all the pieces together.

    Dear Patsy,
    Working on the same line. I have Eliza Mishler listed as a child of this same mother, (Anna) Dodorea. She was a sibling to Joseph, Veronica "Fanney", Catherine, Jacob, and Christina Mishler. Our line comes through Eliza Mishler who married Jacob Berkey, Sr. CA. 1761 in Berks Co., PA. also, through Christian Miller and Veronica Mishler's daughter, Sarah Miller who married Christian Nisley June 19, 1807 Prob. Somerset Co., PA. Glad to exchange info. Sharon

    We have a Veronia Mishler married to a Christian miller. There is also a Christian Mishler married to Susanna Miller sister of Christian miller. Does anyone know these people?

    Dear Trish,
    I have a Christian Miller born CA 1740 in Europe and married a Veronica "Fanney" Mishler CA. 1759. This is the son of another Christian Miller born CA. 1700 and wife unknown. I also, have a Christian Miller born 1760 Berks Co., PA died 1839 Somerset Co., PA and married a Veronica Unknown. The father of this Christian was John "Indian" Miller bron 1730 Switzerland and Magdalena Lehman. Do you have both of these? Do you think this is correct? Thanks for any help, Sharon

    Sharon, I'll check my records and get back to you. You can e-mail me directly if you like. I think the Miller family in Berks Co. and the one in Sommerset Co. are related but I'm not sure how yet. For one thing they have a lot of first names alike and married people with the same last names. The other thing is that I'm pretty sure that both families were Amish or Mennonite when they came over and were part of those settlements. Do you have family in Holmes Co. OH and Elkhart Co. IN too? There are other counties but these seem to be the most prevelant. I'll get back to you ASAP. Joyce
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